5 Tips for Maintaining a Beard

5 Tips for Maintaining a Beard

5 Tips for Maintaining a Beard

5 Tips for Maintaining a Beard.


Beards can be wild, unruly and hard to tame. A lot of clients who come to Coldbath attempt to grow one and give up as it becomes itchy, messy or just too much hassle. But by following these 5 easy tried and tested tips really anyone can grow and maintain a beard to be proud of!


1. Have a regular beard trim.


Even if you’re aiming for a long ‘Norwegian fisherman’ style full beard. Beard hair is coarser and harder to keep neat than the hair on our heads so a trim gives the beard shape and removes the hairs that won’t behave. Ideally visit your barber but think about investing in a good beard trimmer to tidy it up when salon visits are not practical.


2. Invest in a beard comb or brush.


If you’re going for a longer beard, they can get tangled and even matted sometimes. Treat your beard to a daily comb or brush to train it into the style your going for.


3. Be patient!


If you’re growing your beard remember that beard hair only grows at a rate of around ½ an inch a month.


4. Wash your beard.


Preferably with a dedicated beard wash or shampoo. When beards get longer they can get a bit smelly and take on remnants of beer, food, coffee etc. The world of beard products is extensive these days and you can even get beard wash in the same fragrance as your cologne for the ultimate in good male grooming. 


5. Get oily.


When clean and dry condition the beard with a good quality beard oil or beard balm. Again, this can be the same fragrance as your cologne and beard wash.